LEGO Dimensions Unites DC Comics’ Mightiest Heroes

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To celebrate the today’s cinematic release of DC Comics epic super hero dust up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer for LEGO® Dimensions, which highlights some of the epic pair ups you can create with LEGO Dimensions and some of the great Fun Packs, Team Packs and Level Packs currently available. Each of the movies main characters including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are all available to take on epic adventures across the LEGO Multiverse. Fans can build and play…

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First LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Lands

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Great news old chums the first trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie has been released by Warner Bros. Pictures. The first spin-off from The LEGO Movie features everyone’s favourite caped crusader as he comes to terms with a number of unwanted companions, after all it’s hard to be dark and brooding when you have bothersome super friends on you back all day. You maybe a billionaire playboy by day and a crimefighting symbol of fear by night but sometimes you just want to kick back in your fanciest kimono and eat chicken drumsticks. The…

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May The 4th Minifigure Revealed

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This years May the 4th minifigure has been revealed and people aren’t that happy about it. Each year to celebrate Star Wars Day which falls on May 4th, LEGO have run a Star Wars themed promotion which features a special minifigure, this year’s offering is a First Order Stormtrooper. Apart from a little extra detail on the front and a funky backpack (for his sandwiches we assume) it’s really not much different than other versions of the Stormtrooper available in many of The Force Awakens sets. The minifigure will be available…

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More LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens DLC Packs Revealed

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Depending on who’s version of the new LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens gameplay trailer you watched earlier today, you may have missed the sneaky reveal at the end of one of them which shows a Empire Strikes Back Character Pack. The voice over suggests early access will gained to the pack with pre-order of the Deluxe Edition of the game. It may well be packaged within the game itself or as part of the Season Pass, much like you get access to the Avengers Adventurer Pack when you purchase the LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Season Pass….

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LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gameplay Trailer

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It’s trailer day, with the first trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie coming later today and before that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have just released the FIRST official Gameplay Trailer for LEGO® Star Wars: The Force Awakens™, showcasing the exciting new content that will be coming to a galaxy… not so far, far away on June 28, 2016. For the first time, fans can get a glimpse of the brand new features available in this epic adventure, including: Blaster Battles – Players can now engage in intense Blaster Battles, seeking cover…

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Create Stop Motion Videos with LEGO Creator App

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The new LEGO Creator app has just been released and while it may seem like any other LEGO app, it actually includes some pretty nifty features. This unassuming app allows you to create stop-motion videos and 360° turnaround images, it even includes instructions to build a phone holder which allows you to capture steady images and a turntable to spin you creation around. The games may be a little uninspiring, but it worth downloading for the stop-motion and other image taking features. You can download LEGO Creator from Google Play and iTunes…

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Learn to Code with LEGO Bit

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With the BBC launching their BBC micro:bit computer today, we thought we’d share The LEGO Groups own initiative to get kids to code. The use of computers and other devices like mobiles and tablets is widespread these days, but they are also becoming a quite prolific part of a number of new professions. Although many kids could stream a movie or download an app with ease, the technical aspects of doing so is a little more involved. The BBC will be giving every child in Year 7 across the UK, a BBC micro:bit computer which can used to help…

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Gotham City Breakout Minifigure Revealed

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Isn’t it always the case, you wait for one bit of LEGO-based Batman news and it all happens at once. So far this week the latest DC Comics Super Heroes Original Movie has been released, the first images of The LEGO Batman Movie have surfaced and tomorrow the first trailer for it is also released. Now we have the first images of the next DC Comic Super Heroes Original Movie, including which exclusive minifigure it will include. The images are thanks to minifigpriceguide.com and they revealed the movie will include a Nightwing minifig….

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LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine Issue 2 Out Tomorrow

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The second issue of the LEGO Nexo Knights magazine hits stores tomorrow and it will once again include an exclusive cover-mounted LEGO gift and a selection of scannable Nexo Power shields. The free LEGO gift this month is Lance’s Hover Horse, the perfect techno steed for Lance to tackle Jestro’s evil forces. If you want to upgrade your power in the LEGO Nexo Knights Merlock 2.0 App, there’s a selection of Nexo Power Shields to scan and unlock new powers to use in the game. LEGO Nexo Knights magazine is available from all…

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The LEGO Batman Movie First Look

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As Batman prepares to face-off against Superman this weekend, LEGO Batman is chilling in his finest silk kimono in preparation for his own big screen outing next year. But he’s taken time out of being dark and brooding to provide his adoring Batfans with the first trailer and images for The LEGO Batman Movie. Ahead of the trailer premiering on Wednesday, USA Today have revealed a handful of images. The LEGO Movie LEGO Batman became an instant hit with just about everyone after he first appeared alongside Emmet and the gang in…

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