71018 lego minifigures series 17 review


71018: LEGO Minifigures Series 17 Review

The latest series of LEGO Classic Minifigures tables are now available and as you may have seen we were lucky enough to help LEGO UK celebrate the launch of series 17 by taking part in the first ever LEGO social game. Now the new series is out in the wild and we’ve had a chance to check them all out, we though it’s the perfect time to give them a a little review. If you’ve having trouble tracking down the entire collection, check out our Find ‘Em Guide.


Product Description

Bring new and exciting play possibilities to existing LEGO® sets, with Series 17 of the LEGO Minifigures Collection, featuring the Hot Dog Vendor, Elf Maiden, Butterfly Girl, Circus Strongman, Veterinarian, Battle Dwarf, Dance Instructor, Gourmet Chef, Connoisseur, Corn Cob Guy, Roman Gladiator, Rocket Boy, Pro Surfer, Retro Space Hero and the Yuppie, plus a mystery character. Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag, together with one or more accessories, a display plate and a collector’s leaflet.

  • Every minifigure comes with one or more accessories, plus a display plate and a collector’s leaflet.
  • Collect this exciting new series of LEGO® Minifigures characters and create new and wonderful adventures.
  • Combine with LEGO® building sets for endless play possibilities.
  • Have fun trading minifigures with your friends to complete your collection.


Battle Dwarf

“Find out where – and why – he has a tattoo of a sea dragon.”

The Battle Dwarf is one of three short legged characters included in Series 17 and what he lacks in high is certainly makes up for in his epic facial hair and print detail. The best of which is featured on his re-purposed Mjölnir hammer, which has a little wild boar etched upon it. His red coloured mohawk and beard collar add to his mean look.

Butterfly Girl

“Flies like a butterfly, dreams like an entomologist.”

Another short legged character and one of Series 17’s cutest faces. Butterfly Girl use a recoloured version of Wyldstlye’s hair piece, which also includes a little bit of print detail in the form of two pink flowers. The cartoony butterfly on her shirt adds to her cuteness but the best part of this Minifigure is the cool butterfly wings, which make great use of transparent material and print design.


“The most well-respected art, food, architecture and fashion critic in the world.”

This France-inspired Minifigure has one of Series 17’s best faces, that raised eyebrow and indifferent gurn is brilliant. But for many his canine pal, will be the biggest draw and adds another animalfig to the ever growing line-up. This little French Bulldog is just as charming the Connoisseur’s quizzical expression.

Corn Con Guy

“Pop this guy any question about corn, and prepare to be a-maized!”

The costumed characters have become a big part of the LEGO Minifigures range and Series 17 brings us the tasty looking Corn Cob Guy who is wearing a brand new Corn-on-the-cob costume element. It’s a great new piece but not the best of the costumed characters we’ve had.

Elf Girl

“Brave explorer of unknown worlds with an unusual, secret weapon.”

The only Minifigure in Series 17 not to include legs is the Elf Girl. Instead of legs she has a sloped element, which acts as her dress. It features a nice continuous print design which flows from the torso onto the dress, but the colours feel a little muted, something which is carried over onto her shield.

Dance Instructor

“Can teach even two-left-footed folks to dance like no one is watching.”

Series 17 seems to have an air of the Eighties about it, thanks to Minifigures such as the Dance Instructor. She has a huge new hair piece and a very jazzy outfit, which makes great use of the dual moulded legs. Her happy-go-lucky facial expression, even includes a few beads of sweat and the classic 80s headband. The addition of the water bottle adds to this Minifigures charms.

Gourmet Chef

“Try her tasty cooking – it’s literally out of this world.”

This Minifigure gives us not one but two great and useful elements – the whisk and the chefs hat. The rest of the Minifigure is quite plain but those to elements, along with the newly printed strawberry-topped pie elements, help give her plenty of character.

Hot Dog Vendor

“He lives to serve… the world’s most perfect hot dogs!”

The Hot Dog Vendor is another characters to include plenty of useful elements. The famed hot dog, a nifty tray, a soda cup and his hat. But he also has a bright and colourful outfit on. He may not seem an exciting character from his name, but he’s one of the series better inclusions.

Professional Surfer

“To him, nothing beats surfing with the fishes. Just not electric eels.”

The Minifigure on his own isn’t that exciting, although he easily portrays the chilled out look of a surfer dude. But it’s his cool shark-themed surfboard which is the best part of this Minifigure. The shape of the board makes for a perfect stand-in for a Jaws-inspired accessory.

Retro Spaceman

You won’t find a finer, fitter space fighter in any known (or unknown) galaxy.

The old school Saturday morning B-movie Spaceman is one of my favourite characters of the series. He oozes characters and makes great use of colours and accessories to add to his retro charm. The new helmet element is fantastic, but it would of been nice to have the classic LEGO Space logo incorporated in some way.

Rocket Boy

“Talk about a kid who really needs some space. And knows how to get there.”

Series 17 brings us not one but two costumed characters and this little fellow join his fellow space-loving chum above as one of the best characters in the series. Every part of the Rocket Boy is just awesome from the brand new rocket costume element, to the delightful hand drawn LEGO Classic Space logo on his flag. He’s one epic little Minifigure.

Roman Gladiator

“Meet “The Lion” of the arena who lives to fight for his life and take naps.”

The Gladiator is one of this series weakest characters, I’m nor sure the trident accessory fits the character and for some reason I’m not a fan of the hair piece, that being said it does portray the overall look of an ancient Roman fighter.

Circus Strong Man

“Discover the secret behind his spectacular stature.”

Another of the series weaker characters, which is slightly ironic considering he’s a strongman. He looks perfectly like how you’d expect him to, with his manly moustache, leopard print tunic and his dumbbells weights. He’s not a bad Minifigure but he’s also not has good as many of the others.


“Friend to all animals, from cute puppies to cyborg sharks.”

The Veterinarian is one of the Minifigures that doesn’t seem that exciting until you take a closer look. Her Rachel from Friends hair do, is quite sweet. Her scrubs are cool, with nice little details on it like the paw print on her name badge, but my favourite part of this Minifigure is the different coloured hands, used to give the impression of wearing gloves. And of course she also has a little rabbit animalfig.


“Proud business achiever and owner of all Eighties gadgets.”

When you think of the 80s you think of many things, but there is one stereotype who is the embodiment of the flashing era. The Yuppie has it all mirrored sunglasses, a crisp white suit with rolled up sleeves and of course the high of 80s technology the mobile phone, created from a classic walkie talkie element and two printed pieces.

Mystery Minifigure

“Someone is stealing the other Minifigures’ accessories! Who is this mystery Minifigure?”

Finally the mysterious masked fiend is the Highwayman. Although his revealed was kept unwrapped for all of five seconds, many assumed he would be some sort of super special Minifigure, the reason he has been kept so mysterious is to add a little fun to the launch of the new series of characters. I quite like him despite his lack of ‘specialness’ his cloak is a particular highlight, laying over his shoulders more than a standard cape would.

You’ll find LEGO Classic Minifigure Series 17 in WHSmith, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Smyths Toys, Toys R Us and independent retailers. You can also order them from shop.LEGO.com

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