The lego animation book is the newest to hit the shelves this Christmas and makes a great read for any! Read more at the homepage for tables.

David Pagano and David Picket have recently created and released an animation book titled The LEGO Animation Book – Make Your Own LEGO Movies!’ These LEGO stop-motion videos are also known as brickfilms and a popular side-branch of the LEGO hobby has begun creating brickfilms regularly. Keeping this upcoming field in mind, a lot of importance was being given to a comprehensive guide which was also easily understandable. This book was launched and it fulfilled that purpose.
The book is has a soft cover with bright bold attractive colours, and big text. Being 8×8, it is a perfect handy fit to flip through the pages quite easily. The book appears to be nice and good, and attractively colorful.

The book starts with an introduction which clearly states that the authors mean to give a good understanding about the topic to everyone ranging from 8 year-old to 45 years and beyond. Chapter 1 deals with the key concepts in LEGO animation. The subjects are all structured and carefully aligned so that one does not need to read the entire book to understand one particular thing, though it is better if one does so.

The founders are introduced in the next few pages and their originality is talked about and explained. LEGO animation is also mentioned as a means to creating advertisements, music videos, and tutorials. This is clearly detailed in the next couple of pages after the introduction.

Excluding the introduction, the rest of the contents of the book are divided into 9 chapters.

Chapter 1: The very first chapter includes generic details about creating and watching any brickfilm. It can be compared to basic guide for beginners. It also includes a guide for setting up a simple brickfilming studio with what you already have.

Chapters 2 and 3: Animation mini figures and principles are covered in chapters 2 and 3 respectively.

Chapter 4: How to build scenes in your brickfilms is all mentioned in chapter 4.

Chapter 5: Different scales of working is equally important and is included in chapter 5.

Chapter 6: This part of the book deals with the stop-motion animation software for cellphones and desktops. This is not needed for someone who has just started learning the works. It also deals with instruments like tripod, computer and and lights. This can help the beginners to choose the right tools.

Chapter 7: This portion delves into the details of filmmaking. Everything ranging from writing the script to filming and covering it is all informed in this chapter. This concept makes this chapter quite interesting to follow.

Chapter 8: The already existing skills are sharpened to precision in this part of the book. It covers topics like focusing, exposure, shot types, and movement and composition. Aspect ration and frame rate are also included as part of the guidance.

Chapter 9: Is the final chapter of the process of making brickfilms and hence deals with the post production activities. Recording, editing, adding digitalised effects is all included here. How to add titles and credits is also shown here. It basically touches everything that is needed to ready up your film.

More about the Book:

The lessons in this book are extremely vast and thus cannot be compressed into a few pages. Though it gives a basic understanding of the likes of it, it still is extremely important to continue practicing along with learning the required necessary techniques.

In Spite of this, the lessons are organised so effectively that you only need to refer to the particular chapter you are interested in, and can easily negate the rest. The way the contents of the book are arranged makes it simple and efficient to flip through the pages and understand it easily. It proves to be an experience source of information for beginners as well as highly trained professionals.

Beginners can always start with the first chapter and then dive into the more detailed concepts ahead of it in order to become an efficient brick filmmaker.

The Magic Picnic,’ a short companion film included in the book, is the highlight of it and steals the cake. The possibilities with LEGO animations are many and they are beautifully covered in this short film. The film can be watched before reading the book just to understand how LEGO works. You can also watch the film after reading the book to see how to apply the theoretical concepts to bring them to life.

The creators of this book have shared their exclusive knowledge about the subject with more than 20 years of experience in their kit. It is a valuable piece of information which needs to be held with utmost respect and regard. Everything ranging from minute level instructions to make your first animation to using the software and hardware for it is all combined and the book is made a perfect reference guide.

The LEGO animation book is an ideal one if you want to see your figures coming to life with stop-motion animation. Official LEGO heads can also be used to change the your characters’ facial expressions and by employing digital animation. You can learn how to shoot your creations at the best angles and under the best lighting in order to make your creative models appear at their very best.

Many people prefer this product as an ideal occasional present for their friends or relatives who carry a certain gene of interest for photography or cinematography. It can also suit to be a birthday gift for someone as young as 9 years of age. Many users are if the opinion that this book should have been made much earlier due to the intensity of interest it sparked in children as well as adults.

The overall quality of the book is extremely impressive. Even if you have enough knowledge about filmmaking, this book is covered with a variety of ideas and plenty of useful tricks and handy tips and concepts that makes it a must-read. It is a valuable resource for anybody aspiring to make a career in filmmaking. It is not a dry and technical source of shallow and monotonous information, but is a highly innovative and inspirational one.

One of the most interesting facts about the LEGO animation book is that it is published by Starch Press, which also happens to be the the leading publisher of interesting and beautiful books by the LEGO fan community. This in itself makes it a book worth giving a read for fan followers of LEGO.

Summing it up, the LEGO animation book is definitely one which needs to be given attention to in order to make the most of it. It can also be called a cherry on the cake speaking with regard to the already existing high quality performance and immaculate reputation of LEGO. This book is promising and you will not be wasting your time invested in going through this book.

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