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Children like to play, but the outdoor activities that were once famous are not played today as its popularity has reduced considerably over the years. Kids are more inclined to video games, but the one game that every parent buys for their children is the Lego games. It is one of the most sought-after game for kids that is in use for several years. The literacy among kids is enhanced and the problem-solving, analytical and organizational skills improve by playing with legos. Along with improving creativity at young age it also helps in communication skills. More and more parents from round the world are now allowing their kids to play Lego games these days. So, this is a game whose popularity has not waned even after the introduction of several other games in the market.What is a Lego Game?The Lego Group based in Billund, Denmark manufactured this famous toy that changed the face of indoor games for the kids. The Lego bricks are colorful interlocking construction toys made from plastic that consists of minifigures, an array of gears and various other parts. It is connected together to construct objects like

  • Vehicles
  • Buildings
  • working robots

The main feature is, it is easily taken apart then mix-and-match the pieces to make a new object. Therefore, it inspires the kids to build figures that leads to creating the future builders and architects. At the same time, it helps kids to imagine new things and build something new with whatever resource they have at their disposal.
The Lego games are a part of the Lego bricks that offers the kids series of playable games that uses the construction bricks. It encourages the players to change and adapt according to the rules of the game.The Introduction of Lego Bricks In 1949 the interlocking toy bricks were manufactured for the first time that has now developed into a subculture. The company founded by Ole Kirk Christiansenin 1934 started producing the early version of Lego bricks by taking inspirations from the Self-Locking Bricks by Kiddicraft, U.K. So, the timeline of Lego bricks is;1949- The company produced the early form of Lego bricks from cellulose acetate.1951- The high-quality plastic version of the toy production commenced.1954- The idea of a toy system came into existence.1958- The birth of modern Lego brick design. 1978- The minifigures came into existence.1998- The induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame.2009- The first set of Lego Games came into reality.2011- The astronauts of Space shuttle Endeavor used Lego system to build models to research microgravity.

The Birth of Lego GamesThe designer of the Lego games is Cephas Howard with assistance from Reiner Knizia and Bernie DeKoven. The Lego games use Lego bricks as its primary component and use original themes. In 2009 ten sets of the Lego game was introduced with 100 to 350 pieces and each consists of the following;

  • The distinctive Lego Dice made of plastic
  • Lego-compatible iomji that have strong bounce

Kids aged five and above can play this game by building different Lego tiles on the face of the dice in different ways.Types of Lego GamesThere are 25 different types of Lego games released till now. In 2009 ten sets were released namely;

  1. Robo Champ- 118 pieces
  2. Magikus- 108 pieces
  3. Monster 4- 141 pieces
  4. Lava Dragon- 131 pieces
  5. Race 3000- 166 pieces
  6. Pirate Code- 268 pieces
  7. Minotaurus- 211 pieces
  8. Lunar Command- 271 pieces
  9. Ramses Pyramid– 217 pieces
  10. Creationary- 338 pieces

On March 3, 2010, 4 sets were released

  1. Shave a Sheep (known as Wild Wool in the US)- 118 pieces
  2. UFO Attack- 88 pieces
  3. Magma Monster- 95 pieces
  4. Pirate Plank- 122 pieces

In late 2010 other sets were released

  1. Orient Bazaar- 204 pieces
  2. Meteor Strike- 18 pieces
  3. Atlantis Treasure- 280 pieces
  4. Harry Potter Hogwarts- 333 pieces
  5. Happy Holidays -215 pieces
  6. Sunblock December- 80 pieces
  7. Banana Balance- 49 pieces
  8. Frog Rush December- 107 pieces
  9. Ramses Return December- 99 pieces
  10. Ninjago: The Board Game
  11. City Alarm- 247 pieces

The Benefits of Playing Lego GameIt is most mind stimulating game that can provide lifelong positive effects, so parents encourage their kids to play this as it has the following benefitsLego gamesprovide a fun environment for the kidsIt enhances the lateral thinking developmentIt promotes the three-dimensional thinking of the kidsThe literacy among kids is enhanced as they follow instructions properlyThe problem-solving, analytical and organizational skills improveIt improves the creativity in kids at a very young ageKids can improve their communication skills effectivelyIt exposes the kids to the world of critical thinkingThe motor development skills are enhanced.

It helps kids with Autism to improve their dexterityIt balances the mental health of the childrenKids can concentrate on working their strengths to the optimumThe Challenges of Lego game The biggest challenge faced by Lego games is their small size, so it gets lost in the household. Small kids can often misplace the pieces that will spoil the fun of the game. Care is taken to ensure that the pieces do not mix up with each other, so every set needs to be carefully stored. The different games have different pieces, so they need separate handling. Therefore, always handle the pieces with utmost care.The Popularity of Lego gamesThe Lego games are popular among people as it increases the family time, so people can spend quality fun time playing these games.

The family time will enhance the emotional attachment between the parents and the kids. It increases the competitive urges of kids and parents alike. In fact, millions of parents or grown-up people are also trying their hands with the Lego games these days and they are also enjoying this creative games no less than their kids. More than the parents, the kids benefit from the games the most as

  • It makes them more organized
  • It will improve their focus
  • Show good results in academics
  • Learn to develop sportsman spirit

The character development of a person takes at the early ages, so parents need to focus on kids at an early age. They need the environment that will assist in nurturing their talents, skills and improve their confidence to face the life with positive effects. Apart from the education they need games that will tap their potential effectively. It will provide them with great benefits that will make them a better individual. It is the main reason that has made this game hugely popular among the kids. So, avoid all other games and play Lego. So next time when your kids are at home do buy them a set of Lego to play with.

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