Lego Jurassic World

Lego is a brand name that has been known
for years in households. The toy company that inspires and builds the builders
of tomorrow. This is precisely what the company tag line suggests. Having had
years of expertise and success, they definitely have more to offer to their
amazing brand. It is with this that Lego Jurassic world came into being.

As is the characteristic of Lego, safety
comes first. The sets are made of plastic as well for Lego Jurassic World. This
hence translates in the safety of the child being guaranteed. A child’s
imagination is put to the test with adventure and creativity. The sets bring
forth into life dinosaurs and the adventures as portrayed in the movies.

The Lego Jurassic world line of the Lego company
of toys was brought to life based on the story lines of the four movies
Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III and Jurassic
World. The Lego toys are known to be safe and ignite curiosity and creativity.
Just as is the characteristic of Lego toys, the plastic set of toys is used to
put up structures and in this case creatures. The Lego Jurassic World jogs
one’s creativity to outstanding levels because not all children have seen
dinosaurs. These are just creatures that they may have heard of or seen in

The Lego Jurassic World sets are a sure way
to adventure to your child or yourself too. The complexity of the adventures
though brings about more time in the development. Moreover, given that the sets
are based on the movie, leaves the selection limited. The sets are six in
number and do provide appropriate adventure desired. Perhaps even more than you
would have bargained for. The sets include Raptor Escape, Indominus rex
Breakout, T. rex Tracker, Raptor Rampage, Dilophosaurus Ambush and Pteranodon
Capture. The names of the sets themselves are adventure don’t you think? You
are set for more in the sets definitely.

The popularity of Lego Jurassic World sets
has perhaps gone down a bit due to the launch of a video game. This being the
first of the Lego company. The company has always prided itself in the plastics
that people put together to set up different structures. Nonetheless, change is
inevitable. With change, you have to adapt.

Lego Jurassic World hence is a video game
that is Lego themed and is full of action and adventure. As you can guess, yes,
its based on the Jurassic World movies. The game was released in 2015. The game
was developed by TT Fusion and it was published by Warner Bros. Given that Lego
don’t major in video games, it makes sense why they had other parties actualise
the video game. It is quite commendable because the game is available on
various platforms. It is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and
PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, iOS
and Android. This is phenomenal because they have done their best to cater and
cover almost every gamer there is in society. Not only is Lego Jurassic World a
great masterpiece to put together but even more thrilling when playing the
video game. The game play allows single player and multi-player.

As earlier mentioned, Lego Jurassic World
is based on the movies. It therefore has characters from the movie. In the
game, the characters are dinosaurs and humans with similar character names. The
names are Zach, Vet, Tyrannosaurus rex, Simon Masrani, Pteranodon, Owen,
Indominus rex, Hoskins, Gray, Echo, Dr. Wu, Dilophosaurus, Delta, Claire,
Charlie, Blue and ACU. Having similar character names for both the dinosaurs
and humans may be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good in the sense that you
don’t have so many names to remember but also is perhaps a bit limiting on
their going out with finding interesting names.

Lego Jurassic World is available on mobile
and video game platforms. As an app, the mobile game gives players the
opportunity to relive and experience the four Jurassic movies. Lego having
partnered with TT Games, the classic Lego humour is brought to life as well as
a reimaging in Lego form. There is a guarantee of thrilling experiences of
adventure through the unforgettable scenes and sequences full of action from
the movies. There is a guarantee of exploration of the grounds in Isla Sorna
and Isla Nublar. The game gives a player a choice of 20 dinosaurs to wreak
havoc with. Moreover, one is able to make their own dinosaur collection.

Lego Jurassic World video game is similar
to the mobile game. Just that the graphics are better as allowed by the
platform obviously. However, it is able to have more vibe and interesting
concepts. One is able to put their imagination to the test with their unique
collections of made dinosaurs. One can place them in paddocks and you play
complete missions that are Free Play. It only gets better! Moreover, you get to
play with close family and friends. The more the merrier. Literally!

Lego Jurassic World is a world on its own.
As the word world denotes, it is the planet Earth and all its constituents.
Consequently, the Lego Jurassic World is that of the Jurassic space, if you
may. The sets hence bring forth cars, helicopters and all machines that are
portrayed in the movies. This is another level of creativity for your child and
yourself too. To some extent, this is a combination of both Lego Jurassic World
and Lego Technic, branches of the Lego company. Lego Technic gives a snippet to
mechanics and such. However, Lego Jurassic World is a combination of mechanics
as well as action and adventure.

Lego in the toy industry is a household
name. Lego Jurassic World takes it several notches higher with their input of
animals, dinosaurs as well as machines. This is a wholesome experience for the
child for it challenges their imagination and creativity. You can never make
such stuff up. You can only experience it. Get yourself a set of Lego Jurassic
World and enjoy gaming on a different level. This does apply to the app and
video game as well.

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