Lego Minifigures

The movies would be pretty boring if they were just 90 minutes of scenery and music

without any acting. It’s the characters in the story that makes the difference.
In the same way, making up games and playing out scenes with Lego isn’t the
same without some interesting characters to play with. This is why Lego has
come up with their great Minifigures series, which provide a multitude of
different fun characters each with their personalities to provide the substance
for imaginative play. Kids will enjoy thinking up new exciting ways to
incorporate their Lego Minifigures into their games and is something that will
give them hours and hours of fun.

Lego has always been unique amongst toys and games because it’s only limited to
a child’s imagination, but it can sometimes be difficult to think up new things
to do, so this is where the Lego minifig helps because each minifig has its own
set of skills. It can even be fun to put a minifigure in a situation that they
are completely alien to, and pretend they have to find their way out. For
example, you wouldn’t often get a leprechaun (from Minifigures series 6), or a
boxer (Minifigures series 5) on the moon – so if your game finds them there,
why not dispatch “intergalactic girl” from series 6 to help them out.
Alternatively, if you have mini-figures from some of the older series, you may
have a spaceman, or even a friendly alien that could come to the rescue.

There are so many different possibilities, and combining your minifigures with
Lego sets is easy. Lego is made so that every set, and every minifigure, is
compatible with each other, so you can mix and match as much as you want.

The Minifigures series six minifigs each come in a sealed mystery bag, so it’s
a real surprise when you open the bag to see which one you have. Perhaps you’ll
get the cowboy or even the demolition dummy. One of the favourites from series
6 is the classic alien, and if you have more than one of him, you can have your
invasion force to try and wipe out Earth’s defences. Or, if you want to, why
not trade the duplicates you get with friends and try to collect them all.
Series 6 also includes a bandit, a genie, a minotaur and a surgeon amongst

There are seven series of minifigures to collect, and in Minifigures series
five you can find an Egyptian queen, that goes well with the Egyptian Pharaoh
from series 2!. Also an evil dwarf (be careful with him!), a gangster, a
gladiator and a fitness instructor. All of these figures each have their job to
do and can fit in well with any game or situation.

Minifigure series 4 features the soccer player, along with a monster, lawn
gnome, artist, sailor and punk rocker. You’ll find that the minifigures from
some sets go well with minifigures from other sets. For example, in series one
we saw the zombie, and in series four we have a monster. Combine the two, and
you can have a monster army to wage war against other minifigures who have to
defend against them. Perhaps you can use the crazy scientist in series 4 to
invent a potion to turn the evil zombies and monsters into normal people!

Star Wars Lego Minifigs
There are hundreds of alien species that populate the Star Wars universe, and
you can have them all, in minifigs. Star Wars Lego minifigs are some of the
most sought-after and well made Lego minifigures.

Naturally, the most highly demanded minifigs are those of the main characters.
Iconic figures like Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Yoda and other
characters that have played a major part in the Star Wars universe have a solid
following among fans, making minifigures of their likenesses very sought after.
Some characters even have variations. Luke Skywalker is available in his
Tatooine clothes, Rebel Pilot Outfit and his black Jedi robes as seen in Return
for the Jedi. Padme Amidala is available in her royal garments, her white
Attack of the Clones tights and the senator’s robes seen in Revenge of the Sith.
Darth Vader, regardless of not having ensemble varieties to his famous Sith
wear, has seen different incarnations also. As Anakin, he shows up as both a
padawan and a Jedi Master. Normally, the Siths and the Jedi minifigs are
equipped with Lego light sabers.

Side characters like the Gungan misfit Jar-jar Binks and Zam Wessell are also
portrayed in minifigs. These characters, with their unique backgrounds and
stories, are also used and collected by many Star Wars fans as they deepen the
atmosphere of any scene. From the various Jedi Masters who sit at the council
to the bounty hunters in Jabba’s lair, these figures are also important to any

Finally, there are the unnamed figures. Though they do not represent any
specific character, their presence adds that final touch of authenticity to any
scene. No Coruscant set would be complete without imperial guards, and the
Coliseum in Geonosis would not be without the many Jedi knights who fended off
the droids.

Collecting Star Wars Lego minifigs can be a little daunting when looking at the
number of minifigs there are. The best idea would be to collect those which are
integral to a single set or scene. A Kashyyyk diorama during the clone wars
would not be without a fair share of Wookies and clone troopers, as well as the
Jedi Master Yoda. Setting a scope and range of the figure you are collecting
can help you keep track of what you need.

Keep a checklist of minifigs. While having duplicates of a single minifig would
be good -particularly for the clones and storm troopers- it would be a waste to
accidentally purchase two Boba Fetts because you forgot to count the minifig
that comes with the Slave One spaceship set. Keeping track of what you have and
do not will help you collect using fewer resources.The best advice about
collecting minifigs is to start with the characters you like. Minifigs are
worth collecting on their own, independently of any set or scene. If there is a
character or set of characters you like and would enjoy having, then make it a
point to seek those out first.

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