Amazing MOCs – Winter Village Creamery

Well the Winter Village Chocolate Factory we featured at the weekend proved quite popular, so we’ve delved into the delightful depths of the Flickr to find a few more Amazing MOCs. So for our next featured MOC build, we’ve chosen this fun little Winter Village-inspired Creamery by ~EmmaC~ Just like the build we featured at the weekend, the build is in keeping with the rest of the official LEGO Winter Village sets and also…

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Amazing MOCs – Winter Village Chocolate Factory

As Christmas nears builders around the world are building the annual LEGO Christmas displays. One of the key focus for many is the LEGO Winter Village range which has seen a number of wintry-themed sets released over the last few years. Some builders have taking things a step further and created their own MOCs in the style of the Winter Village sets. One such builder is mouseketeer who has created this amazing little Chocolate…

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Amazing MOCs – Dimensional Dioramas

A few days ago a picture popped up on Facebook memories reminding us of the Break the Rules Dioramas built to celebrate the launch of LEGO Dimensions in September 2015. Don’t worry we aren’t going to start randomly posting a picture everyday, but as it’s Thursday we thought we’d get in on this Throwback Thursday malarkey and share these throwback builds. I decided to get creative to mark the launch of LEGO…

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Alien Day – Amazing MOCs

Today makes the first ever Alien Day, which has been created by 30th Century Fox in order to celebrate the iconic Alien and Aliens films. The reason it falls today April 26th, is a nod to the exmoon LV-426, where the xenomorphs were first discovered in Ridley Scott’s 1979 original. With Star Wars Day almost becoming a national holiday and Back to the Future Day being a success last year, these type of ‘special’ celebration…

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Amazing MOCs – Pokémon by Mike Nieves

Today makes the 20th Anniversary of the hit Nintendo video game series Pokémon. The popular catch-um up has been delighting gamers across multiple Nintendo consoles and handhelds for an incredible 20 years, I still remember the day I headed into town to grab an import copy of the game for my Game Boy, after reading all about this Japanese title called Pocket Monsters. Although my Pokémon trainer credentials may have lapsed a little…

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Epic Full-Sized LEGO Themed Arcade Cabinet

Our friends at Gifts From The Pirates have been working on something very special for a number of months and now it’s complete, they have finally unveiled it. After building a festive themed Death Star, with his two sons back in 2014, Pauly wanted a unique way to display their creation. He started to throw ideas around with his good friend Steve and they settled upon the idea of building a display case. But things soon escalated…

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